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Bitcoin commercial super bowl

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According to NBC, a 30 second ad on SuperBowl Sunday 2022 costed $6.5 million. The one-minute commercial by Coinbase showed a QR code bouncing from corner to corner of your television screen, similar to how a DVD Video logo appears when a movie is paused. Considering this, How many people scanned the QR code for []. Twitter slams Coinbase Super Bowl ad. Another Super Bowl means another stupid Super Bowl commercial. This year it looks like a Bitcoin company named who literally spent millions to.

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The Super Bowl was nicknamed the “Crypto Bowl” this year because so many ads — which cost as much as $7 million for 30 seconds — featured the industry, several of them starring boldface names.

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Bitcoin’s Super Bowl. The 56th edition of the Super Bowl, whose final took place last Sunday (12), featured announcements from several crypto companies, including, Coinbase and FTX. FTX and relied on the power of stars such as comedian Larry David and basketball player Lebron James, respectively, for their commercials.

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Coinbase provided its first major crypto shock during this year’s Super Bowl after the company aired a cheeky commercial consisting of just a QR code floating across the screen for 60 seconds.. The ad also briefly shows the Coinbase URL at the bottom, resulting in a site shows new customers signing up for the next 2 days a promotion of $15 Free Bitcoin.

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