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Chicco duo hybrid baby bottles with invinci glass

Chicco Duo is the first ever hybrid baby bottle with a pure glass inner layer called Invinci-Glass and a premium plastic outer layer for the perfect balance of purity and strength! Specifications. Dimensions: 2.75"L x 2.75"W x 5.31"H. Weight: 0.20. Product Manuals. Chicco Duo Baby Bottle Instruction Manual. Reviews.

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DUO ® is an anti-colic bottle that uses a breakthrough medical glass technology that permanently bonds a micro-thin layer of unbreakable INVINCI-GLASS ® to the inside of a premium plastic bottle – resulting in the FIRST HYBRID BABY BOTTLE. It features the best of both, the lightweight durability of plastic on the outside and the protective properties of glass.

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Brand: ChiccoColor: Grey/ClearFeatures: Duo, the first-of-its-kind hybrid baby bottle, provides the purity of glass and convenience of plastic in one unique bottle. An advanced medical technology permanently bonds a break-proof Invinci-glass inner layer to a premium plastic outer layer Baby’s milk touches pure glass – shields milk from.

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ChiccoDUO ® uses a breakthrough medical glass technology that permanently bonds micro-thin layers of breakproof INVINCI-GLASS® to a premium plastic bottle, creating the first hybrid baby bottle. BABY'S MILK TOUCHES 100% PURE GLASS Available in Single, Double & Gift Packs Shop Now The Perfect Balance PURITY OF GLASS Invinci-Glass ® inside.

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