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Learning Task 4. Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your an- swer in your notebook. 1. I am thinking of a number. Thrice my number minus 8 equals 88. What is my number? A. 26 B. 28 C. 30 D. 32 2. The mass of a plastic container together with 24 baseball is 19.25 kgs. If the mass of the container is 15 770 g, what is the mass of each.

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A Learning Task No. 4: Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your an-swer in your notebook. 1. It refers to the total cost of production divided by the number of units pro-duced. It can also be obtained by summing the average variable costs and the average fixed costs. A..

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Four. 2.) Ventricles. 3.) Doing activities like playing outside, riding your bike and swimming. 4.) Urinary system. 5.) Respiratory system. 6 .) Carbo nolimitj353 nolimitj353 4 weeks ago Science Primary School Choose the letter of the best answer write your test notebook 1.

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12.01.2021 Art Elementary School answered Learning Task 4: Choose the letter of the correct answer to complete the statement. Write your answer on your notebook. 1. Setting your artwork from paper to computer is known as______ your art. a. Digitally formatting b. scan c. print 2.______ is absolutely essential to digital painting. Without one, you.

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TEACHER INDUCTION PROGRAM LESSON 4 : APPRECIATION OF PAINTINGS ACTIVITY 4.1 Learning Task / Art Activity Now let's see how you would do an analysis/appreciation of this painting. Answer the questions with one or two sentences. Bel R. Magbitang, Cultural legacy, 1987 Acrylic on canvas, 120x240 cm 1..

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