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Sermon on the trinity

2022. 5. 17. · TRINITY SUNDAY SERMON THE HOLY TRINITY June 12, 2022 Sermon Text: John 8:48-49 ‘It Matters’ In the name of !e Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.!e Word of God that is the basis for our meditation is the Gospel Reading from John, chapter 8, and where especially we read again these words: “So the.

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The True Image Defeats Legion - A Sermon on Luke 8:26-39; When A Loved One Dies - A Funeral Sermon on John 14:1-6; But First.... - A Sermon On Luke 9:51-62; The Journey Within; Living The Unbearable In Uvalde - A Sermon On John 16:12-15; Follow Interrupting the Silence. 2019. 6. 16. · Pastor James Hopkins preached the following sermon on Trinity Sunday. Click here for the Bible texts for the Feast of the Holy Trinity. On the Feast of the Holy Trinity, we, the Church confess that 1 + 1 +1 = 1. That kind of math won’t get you very far at Harvard or MIT. It probably won’t even get you through Kindergarten.

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2012. 5. 30. · Today is Trinity Sunday, popularized by St. Thomas a Becket centuries ago. The feast of the Trinity became so important that until recently Anglicans numbered the long summer Sundays as “Sundays After Trinity”. In Christianity’s “new math” one plus one plus one equals one: one God. So in the Creed we will recite, we affirm that we.

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Metaphors Lacking with the Trinity . There is, of course, that major obstacle in our way: that the Trinity is seen not as a solution and a delight, but as an oddity and a problem. In fact, some of the ways people talk about the Trinity only seem to reinforce the idea. Think, for example, of all those desperate-sounding illustrations.

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wisdom, Wesley's sermon "On the Trinity" addresses intellectual challenges to the church's received faith as given in scripture. Although Wesley is often cited for asserting "but to all opinions which do not strike at the root of Christianity, we think and let think," he continued to judge living.

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