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What do I need to run it? A valid amateur radio license A computer that runs Windows. An internet connection for your computer (Telnet Mode) OR A radio connected to your Windows Computer. Most HF Radios connect via a USB Connection (Ardop or VARA HF mode) HT's will require a SignaLink unit connected with a USB cable to the PC and a.

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Rig Control. Use the menu Configure->Rig Control item to set how you will control the rig. If you will key the rig via a serial port, in the Hardware PTT tab select Use serial port PTT, the device name you will use, and which line controls PTT. If in doubt, check both RTS and DTR. You must then press the Initialize button. This repeater had a very fast recovery time, so the "delay" in VARA FM (narrow) was under 100 milliseconds. Pretty amazing - we sent traffic from one op to the repeater - back out to a digipeater - back to the repeater - and on to the destination station. Then the ACK/NAK took the reverse path. Click on the icon to open VARA FM. 2 c. Click on Settings and Soundcard to.

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Step 6: Install Wine. Wine is kept in the Raspberry Pi repository, so it is very easy to install it on your device. Use the simple command: sudo apt-get install wine. While installation you'll be asked about the permission to install a lot of different packages. Just type "y" to agree.

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Download the FT-991/ SCU-17 USB Driver (Virtual COM Port Driver) and follow the directions to install them on your computer. ( Just follow the prompts of the software during install and you will be fine.) TWO (2) COM ports. Now that you have installed the drivers, now you can connect a USB cable from the PC to the 991.

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Components". Now download and install RMS Express in that bottle as well. If after following the instructions above, Winlink Express or VARA crashes, try restoring this bottle to Crossover. It includes a Windows XP bottle with the above components installed and Winlink Express and VARA are also installed and operating fine.

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